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About Frampol

Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, Frampol was founded in 2004 by Managing Director, Neil Padmore. The company started off selling hardware and software to businesses in the Msasa area, and has since grown to be a leading ISP in Harare with hundreds of clients testifying to our success. In addition to our Internet services, we deliver remote support, website design and development and IT consulting services to both small and large organisations in Africa.

All our technicians are highly skilled and qualified in their area of work, and it won't be long before you've developed a solid and pleasant relationship with a member of the team. Ask them any question or explain your problem, and they will have it sorted out in no time - no matter what it may be.

We're also very proud to say that we are a company founded on Christianity, and we strive to maintain a work and business ethic that is based solely on Biblical principles and values. We believe that every business has a corporate social responsibility, and in response to that, we have founded a PVO named, "Helping Zimbabwe" which receives fundings from Frampol for it's daily operations. To read more about Helping Zimbabwe, you can visit the website at

Our Values

When you work with Frampol, all dealings and communications between yourself and the company will be based on a number of Biblical and personal principles which include:

1. Fairness in rates and billing.

2. Professionalism of staff.

3. Quality of services and products.

4. Understanding of Clients' needs and the meeting of agreed deadlines.

5. Promptness of Communication and Support.

6. Accountability.

7. Openness with the sharing of ideas, knowledge and advice.

8. Innovation and keeping current with the ever-changing IT trends